Terraria guide: How to make a bed

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In Terraria, beds are useful for creating custom spawn points and making time pass faster. Our Terraria bed guide explains what materials and crafting stations you need to make a bed, and how to make the bed once you have them.

How to make a bed in Terraria

To make a basic bed, you’ll need cobwebs and wood. You can collect cobwebs from inside of caves and dungeons, but they do not drop from the spider-like enemies in the game. You can get wood by cutting down trees with an axe.

In order to make a bed, you’ll need to obtain and craft several things first:

  1. Use 10 wood to make a work bench.
  2. Use 20 stone blocks, 4 of any wood, and 3 torches to make a furnace, using the work bench.
  3. Smelt iron or lead bars, using the furnace.
  4. Use 5 iron or lead bars to make an anvil, using the work bench.
  5. Use another iron or lead bar to make chains, using the anvil.
  6. Use 10 of any wood, 2 iron or lead bars, and 1 chain to make a sawmill, using the work bench.
  7. Use 12 of any wood to make a loom, using the sawmill.
  8. Use 7 cobwebs to make silk, using the loom.
  9. Use 5 silk and 15 wood to make a bed, using the sawmill.

As you travel through caves, you may also find some of the crafting stations and materials sitting around, allowing you to skip some of the steps above.

There are several other types of beds you can make using other materials and crafting stations, but this is the most basic bed.

When placed in a room with walls and space for the player to stand near the bed, you can register the bed as a new spawn point. This way, if you die or use a recall potion, you’ll teleport home instead of in the middle of the starting area. You can also sleep in the bed to make time pass faster. In order for this to work in multiplayer game modes, all of the online players need to sleep in a bed.

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