Pokémon Go Mega Lopunny weakness, counters, and best moveset

Mega Lopunny walking through a forest path at sunrise.

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Mega Lopunny is one of many Mega Evolutions to battle and evolve in Pokémon Go.

The Rabbit Pokémon adds fighting to its normal-typing when Mega evolved, meaning that not only does the usual strategy of bringing fighting-types to normal Pokémon fight still apply, but you also have many other weaknesses to exploit.

This page explains Mega Lopunny weaknesses, counters, and — when caught and evolved yourself — the best Mega Lopunny moveset.

Mega Lopunny weakness

Mega Lopunny is a normal- and fighting-type, meaning it is weak to fighting-, flying-, psychic- and fairy-types.

This gives us plenty to room to play with — and is especially useful for newer players with fewer strong Pokémon at their disposal.

Mega Lopunny counters

Taking into account the above, we recommend the following Mega Lopunny counters:

  • Mewtwo with Confusion and Psystrike
  • Alakazam with Psycho Cut and Psychic (Mega Evolution available)
  • Latios or Latias with Zen Headbutt and Psychic (Mega Evolution available)
  • Terrakion with Double Kick and Sacred Sword

As noted above, if you have a Mega Evolution available, they come highly recommended — but remember you can only have one active per battle.

In short, psychic- and fighting-types are best with their higher damage output in the meta. Of course, these are just our top recommendations; moves which align with any of the above weaknesses can put you at an advantage.

Mega Lopunny walking through a forest path at sunrise.

Image: Niantic

Additionally, know that weather boosts can strengthen moves further. In the case of the weaknesses you’d want to exploit, cloudy weather will boost fighting- and fairy-type moves, while windy will help improve your flying- and psychic-type damage output.

Obviously, you can’t control the weather, but if you think the battle will be a close call, based on your outdoor conditions it might be worth prioritizing some types over others to help give you the edge.

Best moveset for Mega Lopunny

For raiding and gyms, opt for Pound and Hyper Beam, both of which lean on its normal-typing. If you can afford a second Charge move, then we recommend the fighting-type Focus Blast.

Outside of special events, Mega Evolutions cannot be used in Go Battle League/PvP — so there’s no need to factor this into your decision making.

Is Shiny Mega Lopunny available?

Though you cannot catch a Mega Evolution version after a raid battle — it’ll always be a regular Lopunny, which you can then evolve when you have enough Mega Energy — know that Lopunny can be shiny at the end of these encounters.


Remember, if it is shiny, you are guaranteed to catch it on your first successful throw — so use a Pinap Berry to earn some easy extra Candy.

For more information on raids, check out our Pokémon Go raid guide.

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