How to evolve Spritzee in Pokémon Go

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Pokémon Go’s new Luminous Legends event welcomes a few new fairy types to the mobile game, including Spritzee and Swirlix. Both Pokémon have special requirements for evolving them from their base forms, with Spritzee — the Perfume Pokémon — being the more, let’s say, inconvenient of the two.

Evolving Spritzee into Aromatisse (its final form) requires 50 Spritzee Candy, but Pokémon Go also notes that you must “Adventure together to evolve.” That’s mostly true, but prepping Spritzee for evolution is pretty easy: You just need to use an Incense. Simply choose Spritzee as your Buddy Pokémon, pop an Incense, and you’ll have a Spritzee ready to evolve. You may want to wait for the right moment (say, an upcoming Community Day or when you have a long walk/lazy couch sesh planned), because Incense don’t grow on trees!

Pokémon Go players can find Spritzee in the wild, but the Pokémon with flawless eye wings can also be earned by completing the Luminous Legends X Timed Research, two event-specific Field Research tasks (“Catch 10 Fairy-type Pokémon” and “Use 7 berries to help catch Pokémon”), or by hatching 7 km Eggs.


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