Does Stray have secret or multiple endings?

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Stray is a short, narrative-focused game in which you play as a cat trying to escape a robotic underworld and return to your family. On your adventure, you can complete a variety of side quests and collect memories to help your drone buddy, B12, remember who they are. You can even collect little badges to put on your cat harness.

With so many variables and things to find, you may be wondering if Stray has multiple or secret endings to unlock. In this Stray guide, we’ll answer that question and tell you if there is any way to influence the game’s ending or get a different outcome.

[Warning: While we won’t be discussing any detailed plot points below, or spelling out the fates of any characters, some may consider knowing how many endings Stray has to be a spoiler. Consider beating the game for yourself before reading below this warning if you want to stay completely surprised.]

Stray has one ending, and it cannot be influenced. Optional quests like collecting all of the Sheet Music, energy drink cans, and even memories won’t give you an additional cutscene or let you change anything. It’s also worth noting that the cat doesn’t die at the end of the game.

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